FAQ Lac Desire 2

Q: What time can we arrive at the lake to start our fishing holiday?
A: Arrival time is from 2pm.

Q: How many anglers and non anglers are we allowed?
A: We allow up to 2 anglers and 3 non anglers (please see prices).

Q: Is there allocated parking with the accommodation?
A: There is a short walk from parking area to your accommodation (carp porters supplied).

Q: Can I still fish from a bivvy even though I have the accommodation?
A: Yes you can there are 2 to choose from, one next to lodge and one allocated on the little island (please see map).

Q: Do we need to bring any bedding?
A: No we supply all bedding and everything else you need other than towels.

Q: Is there disable access?
A: No, but there are no stairs in or around the lodge.

Q: Is it suitable for young children?
A: Yes it is, as there is plenty of room outside to play and also can have a go at float fishing on Petite Desire.

Q: Can we still have a food package??
A: Yes, your food can be brought to you at the lodge and dishes collected or you can come to the canteen area.

Q: Can I fish Desire 1?
A: No, your holiday is at Desire 2 only.

Q: Do I need to bring an un-hooking mat?
A: No we provided un-hooking mats and weigh slings for the week.

Q: Are there shops and things to do nearby for the ladies?
A: Yes, please see our facilities.

Q: Are we allowed to use bait boats on Desire 2?
A: Yes you can or we do hire them at the lake.

Q: Do you have heaters in the lodge?
A: We supply a gas heater but we do not supply the gas. Gas cost around €30-€35 and can be pre ordered.



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